My passion is quilting! I especially love pictorial, animal and landscape quilts. I am a self-taught quilter for over 24 years, always looking for new inspiration. Since 2013, I have traveled to the annual International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas which draws 60,000 people from all over the world. To date, I have made over 100 quilts.

Featured Quilts

Floral (Original Design 2013)

At the beach, (Original Design 2015)

Flower Vase (Original Design 2014)

Red Cardinal, Hand quilted September 2013

Close Up View

Real Photo Inspiration for the Quilt

Clematis (2016)

Doug the Aussie Sailor (original Design 2016)

Andrew at the Beach, February 2014

California Dream, August 2014 (Original Design)

Lakeside (December 2014), Fused Applique Quilt

Lakeside 2 (2015)

Latest Quilts and Projects

Purrnie, the cat (original 2021)

Windy Spring (Original Design 2021)

Andrew, the Chess King (Original Design 2020)

Daniel Reynolds Quilt (Original 2020)

Andrew Halpern (Original 2020)

ROYGBIV (modern design book 2019)

The Alex Tee Shirt Quilt (August 2019)

Jill and Alex quilt (Original Design 2019)

Same dog different color (Original Design 2019)

Zoey Embroidered Pillow (2019)

Duplicate Dogs (slight variation) 2019

Spirit the Dog

Spirit the dog-Randi Itzkowitz (Original Design) 2019

Fall (Original Design 2019)

Beachy...gifted to Patty Lovell (Original Design 2019)

Lucas, Baby Pillow Announcement (Original Design 2019)

Bernadoodle Pet Portrait (Original Design 2019)

Bailey the Bernadoodle owned by Dina Abend

Milo the Devon Rex (Original Design 2018)

Milo the Devon Rex owned by Jackie Halpern

Cody the Goldendoodle (Original design 2019)

Cody the Goldendoodle owned by Donna Mino

Lucy the Bulldog (Original design 2018)

Lucy the Bulldog owned by Patty Lovell

Modern Rainbow, donation quilt (original design) 2019

Boston Terrier 2018 pattern by Jane Haworth

Made with Scraps (original design 2018)

Beach Ball Fun (Original Design 2018)

Passacaglia (Machine sewn 2018)

Beach time for Ilene (Original Design 2018)

T Shirt Quilt Andrew Halpern 2018

Cats Eyes 2018 (Original design and quiltingbydavid.com)

Out of this world (Original Design 2018)

Jillian portrait age 26 (2018)

Van Gogh The Bedroom 2018

Jelly Roll Quilt (Ilene cohen gift 2017)

Landscape confetti quilt (November 2017)

Daniel Reynolds Quilt (Original design 2017)

Alexa! 2017 (adapted from Sergio Baradat)

Modern quilt gifted to Dr. Itzkowitz 2017

Cat on Chair (Original Design 2017)

Sunflower (original design 2017)

Memory Quilt (2017)

Charlie the Devon Rex Cat (Original Design 2017)

Mountain View (2017)

#catandcoffeetime (inspired by quilter Laurie Russman March 2017)

Baba/Milo 2/17/17 (Photo Quilt)

Charlie the Devon Rex Cat (Original Design 2017)

Sheer Landscape (IQF class 2016)

A to Z (Original Design 2016)

Admiring the Blue Water (Original Design 2016)

Baby quilt for cousin (original 2016)

T-Shirt Quilt

Cats point of view (Original design 2013)

Jackie and JIllian at the Whitney museum 2016 (Original Design)

Chloe the cat (Original Design 2016)

Life on a Lake (Original Design for Reynolds 2016)

Jill/SueSue Portrait (Original Design 2016)

Tree/Lake (Original Design 2016)

DevonRexCatMilo (Original Design 2016)

Stephanie, Makayla, Makai (Original Design 2016)

Selfie Ricky and Jackie (Original Design 2016)

For Wendy (Original Design)

Hearts (Original Design)

Aunt Esther turns 90

ROYGBIV Quilt for Jillian (Original Design 2016)

3 Yentas Quilting (2013)

For David (Original Design 2012)

Ice Cream Treat (2014)

Random Thoughts (Original Design 2013)

Hand Appliqued (Design by Karen Kay Buckley 2014)

Hand Applique (2014)

Hand  Appliqued Flowers

In another color

On her 90th birthday friends and family sign this original design (2013)

Going in Circles

Sailors (Original Design 2014)

Love America! (Original Design)

Scraps (Original Design)

Florida! (Original Design)

Kids (Original Design)

In a Bottle (Original Design)

Cat Thoughts (2012)

Fun Play (Original Design)

Bat Mitzvah (Jillian, Original Design 2004)

More Origami (Original Design)

Origami (Original Design)

Paper Pieced (Original Design)

Paper Dolls

Home Sweet Home (Original Design)

Celestial (Original Design)

Vacation Time in Disney (Original Design1998)

Paris Trip (Original Design)

Fall Asleep (2/4/12)

I Spy Quilt (Original Design)

Cornell (Original Design)

Stars (Original Design 2012)

Flowers Flowers (Original Design 1/8/15)

Favorite Photos on a Shelf (Original Design 2012)

T shirt Quilt for Andrew (Original Design 2013)

In Full Bloom (Original Design 2014)

T Shirt Quilt for Jillian (Original Design, 2013)

Baby Andrew (Original 1999)

Baby Jillian (Original 1999)

Love to Quilt (Original Design 2015)